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Quiet & comfortable private environment conforming to the highest industrial standard of hygiene and professionalism.

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Started by Buhan Neru, tattooing since 2008, The aim of Thug’s Tattoo Studio is to provide top quality work to every clients of ours. The quiet & comfortable private environment ensures that all tattoos made in the studio are performed in a timely manner whilst conforming to the highest industrial standard of hygiene and professionalism.

Thug’s tattoo studio is a private studio & predominately operates on an appointment-only basis. This ensures a comfortable environment for our clients & allows us to make the highest quality tattoos free from distractions.

Thug’s Tattoo Studio is a professional tattoo studio which provides high-quality custom made tattoo at a reasonable price.

We strive to give our clients the best possible experience in a clean environment and leave this studio with a good quality custom made tattoo that you”ll love forever. If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, please contact us to clarify.


We are an ALL DISPOSABLE studio. What does this mean? Some tattoo studios re-use their steel tubes. Even though an autoclave is used and the tubes are scrubbed clean before sterilization, it has been proven that skin fragments may still be present in the steel tubes even after cleaning and sterilization. We will dispose every disposable items that are used to prevent Bloodborne pathogens.

A disposable studio is a studio that does not reprocess and reuse any equipment, instead opting for presterilized single-use implements that can be used on a single client and then thrown away afterward.

The other option is to use completely disposable plastic tubes to ensure 100% hygiene. Each plastic tube is pre-sterilized and packaged, and thrown away in a bio-hazard bin for disposal after every single use. They are never re-used. This will help to eliminate any possible skin fragment debris.

Going disposable was the best choice for us, for both our clients’ and artists’ safety.


There are plenty of tattoo studios to be found in KL and Selangor alone. But finding the right one that is both highly recommended and reliable can be intimidating if you do not know where to look. Thug’s Tattoo Studio have been awarded as the best Top 3rd Tattoo Studios in KL & Selangor.

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Don’t like waiting? Just want something small? Thug’s Tattoo Studio also take walk-ins whenever it’s possible, please contact the studio to check availability. Please do contact us before you walk-in to check on availability. We’re mostly open based on appointments.

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Located in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur, five minutes away from the General Hospital,Kuala Lumpur. Located at 1-2-4, Level 2, Block C, Diamond Square Business Center, Jalan Semarak Api,53100, Kuala Lumpur.It’s located on top of the Perodua showroom, Setapak.

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